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More quality if your event is equipped with an MC that will liven up the atmosphere of the event and complete it with Professional Dance



MC for Event:

Gala Dinner/ Gathering IDR 2.750K
Wedding party & Reception IDR 3.000K
Reception Party IDR 2.000K

Duration 3 – 5 hours/ Event
MC by: Ms Jessica or Mas Aji (Ex Ramaco Batam Batam Radio Broadcaster)

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Master of Ceremony or better known as the MC is also a term for the show host. The difference is that MC are usually used on events that are informal or informal, such as entertainment programs which include communication functions in entertainment, music concerts and more.

Therefore, MC will usually also be demanded to be able to create creativity and also improvise in guiding the show, so that later interaction and dialogue can also be created with audience. For example the MC will be used in an opening photo exhibition, birthday celebration, concert, and so forth.

  • Persembahan Dance (Dance Offering)
  • Creation Nusantara Dance
  • Jasa IDR 2.750K/Event Show

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Makan sirih dance (Offerings) is one of the traditional dances or classical dance of Riau (Malay) which is generally staged to welcome and offered to honour state guests / great guests coming.

In the year of 1957 in Pekanbaru there was a discussion on standardisation of dance offerings, which features Riau Malay dances and songs, like the Serampang Duabelas Dance, Mak Inang Pulau Kampai dance, Tanjung Katung dance dan Lenggang Patah Sembilan dance.

Based on the deliberations, they then process a dance for offerings to guests, then created the Sirih Eating Dance which is now a dance offering created by Riau artists. This Standardisation of Dance Offering is carried out to be known by the people of Riau.

This Sirih Eating Dance dancer must understand special terms in Malay dance, like Igal (emphasising hand and body movements), contortion (movements to bow or sway the body), swing (walking while moving hands), titi shaft (walk in a line like walking on a trunk), gentam (dance while stamping your heels), live (dancing while jogging), concourse (dance while touring 180 degrees), etc(Source : disbud.kepriprov.go.id/tari-persembahan-makan-sirih/)

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We serve all types of photography ranging from wedding, pre-wedding, circumcisions, birthday, engagement, gathering, etc. Affordable and quality prices.


Serving Photo Studio Services such as Pas Photo, Photo style , Photo consept, Photo Grup, Family Photo, Photo Couple, Photo Children, Photo Products, Photo Katalog, Indoor prewedding, Digital Imaging, etc.

Professional photographers are people who work with high concentration and tend to explore something in depth. So that the images produced by professional photographers can have high selling prices because they not only look at the angle but also the art produced. Therefore, Professional photographers will spend a lot of time to get the right angle so that the results of the image can create extraordinary art.

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Capture every moment or event with our videography services, also document the seminar, gathering, birthday, even making short films, video clips or advertisements.


Have a photo or video that you want to edit or re-edit? please contact us for photo or video editing services. Also serving orders from out of town via online media.

Video Camera is a camera that is able to capture digital images into analog images. As the name suggests, video cameras are more widely used to record images compared to photographing. This is because the function and specifications are specifically for taking video.

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We serve Drones (Photo & Video) starting from

  • Wedding,
  • Pre-wedding, circumcisions, birthday,
  • Engagement,
  • Gathering, etc.

The drone is equipped with a more powerful processor, This drone is able to do object tracking that allows the drone to fly automatically by following an object. This drone is equipped by a DJI X3S camera which has a quality equivalent to the Sony RX 100 This 100 MKV camera is capable of producing 4K videos and photos 20 megapixels, also equivalent to the DJI Inspire drone camera 2. The difference between this drone and DJI Phantom 4 is the result of a sharper and detailed image than its predecessor.

This fleet is the most favourite for clients to rent, because of the good picture quality at an affordable price.

Key Performance :

  • Able to Fly with a Radius 300 m – 1 Km
  • Digital HD Video Transmission
  • Improved DJI X3S 4K Camera.
  • Sharper than DJI Phantom 4
  • Capable of recording 1080p 120 FPS
  • 20 Megapixel
  • Suitable for narrow areas and require mobility
  • 3-axis stabilized gimbal.
  • fly up to 21 21 minutes in the air
  • Object Tracking
  • Fly to speed 70 Km/h

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